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General conditions

1) Principle
The coverage of our vehicles implies the unconditional acceptance of our general conditions.

2) Conditions of rent
2-1- Required age :
For all the cars, the minimum age of the rent, and the driver(s) is of 25 years.

2-2- Validity of the driving licence :
The driver of the rented vehicle has to be in possession of a driving licence of current validity and freed since at least from 2 years.

2-3- Authorized driver
The vehicle can be driven only by the tenant and the driver(s) which were authorized by the renter. The signatory of the rental agreement stays however completely and only responsible one towards the renter.

2-4- Deposit of guarantee
A pledge, is put down dice the signature of the rental agreement. It will be restored, except disaster, to the end of the contract (Mobilization of the vehicle).

2-5- Payment
Any rent is payable beforehand.

3) State of the vehicle
The vehicle is delivered to the tenant in perfect working order. It is the object from a description signed by the parts. It must be restored in the same state, failing that, the tenant will have to settle expenses restoration.

4) Use of the vehicle
The tenant makes a commitment in :
- Use the vehicle in " good father "
- Do not let drive the vehicle by other people that those approved by FIRST CAR.
- Do not participate in rallies, races, or other competitions of whatever nature.
- Do not use the vehicle in illicit purposes.
- Not overload it in people or in payload.
- Do not hitch a trailer or similar vehicle.
- Use the vehicle only on the national territory.

5) Duration of rent
The minimal period of rent is of 72 hours. The fix term to the contract is firm and not revisable. In case of the early return of the vehicle, no refund will be made.

6) Return of the vehicle
The rent has to restore the vehicle in the date and in the place planned to the contract. The return has to intervene during the opening hours of the agency. Any delay of more than six hours will be the object of an invoicing of a day of rent of the current applied price list. In case of not return within the time limits allowed, the renter reserves the right to begin all the necessary steps to protect its interests.

7) Continuation of the duration of the rent
The continuation of the rental agreement is possible only with the consent of the renter. The demand must be formulated 48 hours before the end of the current rental agreement and after payment of expenses corresponding to the requested duration.

8) Fuel / Lubricant
The vehicle is delivered with the fuel and must be restored with the same quantity of fuel. Any breach in this rule, the tenant will be the object of an invoicing according to price lists FIRST CAR. The tenant has to verify permanently the level of oil and water.

9) Interview and Repair
The normal mechanical wear is chargeable to FIRST CAR. All the resulting(coming) mechanical repairs either of an abnormal wear, or a carelessness(negligence) on behalf of the tenant will be chargeable to this one. In the case or the vehicle would be immobilized, the repairs can be made only after written agreement and according to The directives of FIRST CAR. No in no event, the tenant can demand of damages for the delay in the delivery of the vehicle, cancellation of the rent or the fixed asset(the immobilization) in the case of repairs made in court of rent.

10) Insurance
10-1- Type of insurance :
Our vehicles are covered by an insurance all risk, valid only in Algeria.

10-2- Beneficiaries :
Only the drivers please by FIRST CAR Can take advantage of insurant's quality.

10-3- Statement :
At the risk of being declined the insurance(assurance), the tenant makes a commitment to declare to FIRST CAR in 24 hours and to the authorities of police any accident, flight or fire, even partial.

10-4- Exclusion :
The insurance does not cover the drivers under the influence of drink. Any disasters not paid off by the insurances will be charged to the tenant.
THE SARL FIRST CAR declines any responsibilities, for the accidents caused in thirds(third parties) or damages in the vehicle which the tenant could cause during the period of rent if the latter deliberately supplied to FIRST CAR a false information.

10-5- Steal Accident :
In case of steal a legal proceedings is begun.
In the event of an accident person in charge during whom the vehicle is seriously damaged or immobilized, In case of disaster or accidents the tenant makes a commitment paid the days of fixed asset during its repair (see price list applying for your rent).
LA SARL FIRST CAR in both cases reserves the right to end the rental agreement without refund nor compensation.

10-6- Subrogation :
The tenant subrogates automatically FIRST CAR In its rights for the exercise of the appeal against thirds for damage to property, the possibly obtained compensation is of use at first to the renter of expenses having been able to stay at his expense, the balance returning to the tenant.

11) Responsibility :
11-1- Of the tenant :
The tenant remains solely responsible for fines, fines and reports established against him.

11-2- Of the renter :
The responsibility of the renter cannot be committed beyond the cover supplied by the insurance " any risks ".

12) Right of retention
Quite straight ahead retention of the tenant on the vehicle for claiming claimed to the company FIRST CAR is excluded.

13) Blocking of the pledge
The SARL FIRST RENT CAR reserves the right to block the pledge in the event of an accident, of flight or deterioration. She can be used in the payment of expenses not covered by the insurances.

14) Applicable right / competent Jurisdiction
The present contract is governed by the Algerian right. The competent jurisdiction is the Commercial court of Algiers.

In case of failure to contact us : 0667 942 525/ 0661 800 240/ 0661 800 241
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